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Moving mannequins, retail figures, moving figures and moving models. We manufacturer moving mannequins for the retail trades in pubs, clubs and restaurants. Over 25 years we have made many thousands of retail figures for retailers.  They are widely distributed around the world.  Whilst many of our moving models are made to standard patterns, many moving mannequins are unique and made to customer specification.  There are few trades and professions which have not been represented through our moving mannequins and wherever they are exhibited, our retail figures cover small corner shops to multiple supermarkets, in pubs, clubs & restaurants, from markets to mega-stores, they never fail to attract an affectionate response, helping to build an easy relationship with the customer. If you don't see what you want, don't worry, we’ll happily build the one you do want – almost anything is possible.
The world of David Aldridge Animations; a world of animated ideas; a world which makes dreams come true; a world where a group of highly talented artists and craftsmen (and women) bring your ideas to moving reality through animatronics. If you are seeking something new, something just that little bit different, but don’t quite know what, let’s talk it through, challenge us; together we can find that elusive new angle.
We design complete animated themed displays for all seasons and venues. We design, manufacture and install in windows, malls, town centres, theme parks etc. Shopping centre decorations, window displays and outdoor decorations can be integrated within a single theme forming a single attractive scheme for the shopping public. Anything’s possible!
David Aldridge Animation - Designers, manufacturers and installers of animated sets, scenes and characters.